Allowing students to reach their potential

At 99ATAR Tutoring we help high school students enjoy learning through a creative and personalised way. We inspire our students to achieve their potential by empowering them with the best learning environment and resources.

Our tutoring approach

Personalised, creative and supportive


Personalised tutoring

We make lessons interesting and tailored to our high school student’s needs. That’s why we keep our classes small so each student receives the best academic support and tutoring needed.


Creative learning

We combine innovative ideas with digital technology and world class thought leadership to ensure our classes are interesting, value-adding and of the highest quality for our students. Our approach is to make learning engaging through academic tutoring and life-skills workshops.

Supportive culture

We put our students first. Our tutors spend time to create customised lesson plans for our students and ensure they are constantly learning, developing and achieving their personal bests.


Learning at this centre, I have improved my English writing ability - especially my essay structure, correcting grammar mistakes and enlarging my vocabulary. I feel my essays are much more academic and are achieving higher marks. Additionally, the tutors are patient, experienced and trustworthy. They not only impart you with writing skills and examples, but also help you develop speaking skill sets.

Joyce Y, International Student

I have an amazing tutor who is always prepared and energetic to teach. I learned a lot with her and have developed skills I would not have learnt from school. My tutor's teaching has significantly boosted my grades and confidence in approaching my senior studies. Not only do I receive valuable feedback on my progress, I also have access to helpful resources. These resources have been invaluable in helping me prepare better for exams and reach higher marks.

Anny G, Year 11 Student

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